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What Our Clients Say

What our clients say

“I’ve worked with McKinsey, BCG and Roland Berger; they too have smart people. But when it comes to growth initiatives, implementation and getting results, INNOVAND has repeatedly helped us accomplish more.”
Managing Director, Medical Supplies Manufacturer, UK     More...

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Innovation Strategy

If you don’t have a robust innovation strategy, you may as well play roulette

We align your innovation plans, investments and activities with your specific business strategy. What are your core competencies? How do you define and measure success? What role can innovation play in helping you accomplish your goals?

Senior management often defines financial targets and then steps back while the creative geniuses in the laboratories think up innovation projects. The result: lots of innovation projects that head off in different directions, usually falling far short of the total impact required. Sound familiar?

What’s the difference between “Innovation” and an “Innovative Company?” An “Innovation” can be a clever, creative idea or product. “Innovative Companies,” though, do more - they introduce breakthrough products, services and solutions that drive profitable growth. Innovation activities that are not linked to a company’s business strategy often waste precious resources and result in novel, but unprofitable products or services.

What results do you expect of your investments in innovation? What is your strategic intent? On which innovation vectors will your company focus, compete and win?

The 10 Vectors of Innovation
Innovation Type    Explanation
Product    How you design your core offerings
System    How you link multiple products
Service    How you provide customer value beyond your products
Channel    How you get your offerings to market
Brand    How & what you promise customers
Customer Experience    How customers feel when they interact with your company
Core Processes    How you create value in your core offerings
Enabling Processes    How you support your core processes & workers
Business Model    How you make money
Alliances    How you benefit by collaborating with others

What INNOVAND can do:

We help you determine your innovation requirements and develop a robust plan for accomplishing them. Based on your objectives and business strategy, we jointly develop an innovation strategy that fits your specific needs. It includes details on the appropriate innovation vectors, goals for your innovation capabilities and measures of success.

Together with key people in your organization, we challenge conventional thinking, arrive at a powerful, shared understanding and ensure that your management team feels personal ownership for – and confidence in – your innovation strategy.

Next steps

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