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What Our Clients Say

What our clients say

“We hired INNOVAND to help us strengthen our innovation portfolio. Our laboratory was working on many projects. In total, though, we had too many incremental product improvements and no high-impact blockbusters. INNOVAND worked with our management team to...” more
General Manager, Surgical Supplies Division, Germany

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INNOVAND Consulting GmbHInnovand
Turnhallenweg 19a
21423 Winsen-Luhe
Germany Innovand
Tel:     +49-4171-782380
e-mail: info@innovand.com

Is this you? Who INNOVAND works with

We work with companies that are committed to accelerating growth and strengthening their market position without adding headcount. Our clients’ goal: lean, profitable growth.

Most INNOVAND clients are technology, healthcare or industrial companies. These sectors usually represent 80% to 90% of our project work:

  • Technology (electronics, telecommunication, optical systems)
  • Healthcare (medical device, dental, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals)
  • Industrial (automotive, machinery, avionics)

International orientation. We are based in Germany. The location of our clients in recent years has been about 45% Europe and 55% international.

Typically our clients possess expertise in many areas of business including R&D, manufacturing, supply chain management and serving existing customers. The issues they face are how to accelerate and sustain profitable growth with existing resources.

Warning: Do any of the following scenarios fit your situation?

  • Traditional sales approaches are no longer adequate. You must win new key accounts, build top management relationships and develop new growth opportunities.
  • You are entering a new market segment. How will you reduce risks, transfer your core competencies and shorten your learning curve?
  • Organic growth alone isn’t accomplishing your objectives. You are considering acquisitions and strategic alliances to strengthen your business.
  • You have been pursuing business development. In spite of the efforts, time and resources invested, the results to date are disappointing. What now?
  • You plan to expand internationally. How will you establish or strengthen your position in targeted regions? Through subsidiaries? Strategic alliances? Acquisitions?
  • You intend to sell your business or a business unit. Obtaining an excellent price and ensuring the continued viability of the organization are both important to you.
  • Your business has become mature. Growth has slowed. Your market share is flat or declining. You need to rejuvenate your business, but how?
  • Customers no longer view your products as innovative. Competitors now offer similar products at lower prices. How do you regain leadership?
  • You are concerned that “disruptive technologies” may endanger your core business. How can you turn the sword around and disrupt your competitors’ business?
  • You are investing lots of money in R&D, but not getting the results you need. What’s wrong, and how do you fix it?

Many of our clients have faced similar, tough challenges. Often we have been able to help them reach their goals fast, efficiently and with less risk. Learn about INNOVAND services and approaches that have driven profitable growth for our clients. What can INNOVAND do for you? Contact us to discuss your situation and goals.