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What Our Clients Say

What our clients say

“Our patents had expired on key products. We were facing tough competition from Asia and the USA. There were no breakthrough products in our pipeline. We hired INNOVAND to help us develop a technology roadmap and strengthen our...” more
Managing Director, Diagnostic Device Company, Germany

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Roadmapping & Disruptive Technologies

How to anticipate the future and launch game-changing innovations

We help you chart your course to innovation. Roadmapping provides a proven mechanism for companies to make intelligent predictions of future market demands and determine the innovative technologies and products required to satisfy them.

Which technologies will be of critical importance to your industry in the next five to ten years? Which technologies and products have the potential to disrupt the existing market and thereby change the rules of competition? Who will be the driver and who the driven - you or your competitors?

What INNOVAND can do:

INNOVAND technology and product roadmapping focuses on the projected needs of tomorrow’s markets. We help companies to identify, select and develop technology alternatives to satisfy future service, product or operational needs. We bring together a team of experts to develop a framework for organizing the information and challenging your company’s thinking to make the right technology and product investment decisions.

When a major innovation impacts the market and changes the basis of competition, all competitors “go back to zero”. The game starts over. The old rules no longer apply. In your market, will you be a “driver” or one of the “driven?”

Next steps

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