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   Generating High-Potential
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What Our Clients Say

What our clients say

“Our core products were facing tough price competition from Asia and Eastern Europe. We needed to re-establish our technology leadership. INNOVAND helped us develop...” more
Business Director, Medical Device Manufacturer, Austria

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Generating High-Potential Innovation Projects

Warning: Use this proven innovation approach at your own risk

There is nothing more important for innovation success than a hot project. No matter how great your strategy, how strong management’s commitment, how motivated the team, individual projects are ultimately where the innovation rubber meets the road.

Are you confident that you have one or two sure winners in your pipeline? If yes, support them and full speed ahead to the market. But what if your pipeline contains only ordinary ideas? What if your teams aren't really excited or lack confidence in success? Watch out, you're in trouble.

What INNOVAND can do:

We help you generate big ideas and connect them to customers and to your own business. For example, we can:

  • Design and conduct Lead User analysis, through workshops or field work, to identify unarticulated customer needs
  • Immerse teams in rich customer insights & guide them toward powerful outcomes
  • Activate the creative potential of your employees by involving them in a successful idea generation campaign or an on-going idea generation process
  • Deepen your management team’s understanding of the discipline of innovation, involve them in generating initiatives and help them decide which are worth pursuing
  • Together with your key people, create bold initiatives, define them sharply and make sure they are not being pursued by five of your closest competitors
  • Help accelerate your initiatives through discovery & concept development phases

Are you ready to think big and define high-potential innovation projects? Do you want your organization to rise to the challenge? Or do you feel more comfortable working on incremental changes? The choice is yours.

Next steps

To learn more about our work in this area or discuss your situation, please contact us. Or to read about INNOVAND capabilities in other areas, click the appropriate service.