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What Our Clients Say

What our clients say

“Our strategy identified the health care market as an important global growth opportunity. In Japan, we had successfully entered this market as a supplier to leading OEM’s. Our efforts to enter the European market had yielded only disappointing results. INNOVAND helped us to identify better opportunities in the European market and develop a more effective..." more
Executive Director, Electronic Systems Division, Japan

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Contact us
INNOVAND Consulting GmbHInnovand
Turnhallenweg 19a
21423 Winsen-Luhe
Germany Innovand
Tel:     +49-4171-782380
e-mail: info@innovand.com

Define your strategy. Ask bigger questions.
Get powerful results.

If you stand still, you lose. Yesterday’s successes allow you to keep going. They guarantee you nothing, though, in today’s intensely competitive market. You face tough challenges and exciting opportunities. Many you can handle with existing resources. Some, however, require expertise, capabilities or contacts your organization lacks. Which path should you take? How can you reach your goals without unnecessary risks, delays and expenses? Sometimes, it’s smart to seek the right partner.

Winning is about driving change. Outwitting competition. Delighting customers. Exciting employees. Accomplishing profitable growth. At INNOVAND, we help our clients win.

Here’s how we help our clients change the basis of competition and get powerful results:

Business Development
  • Accelerated Growth Strategies
  • Strategic Alliances & Winning New Key Accounts
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Divestitures
  • Business Development Workshops
  • Innovation Capabilities & Results Audit
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Entering New Market Segments
  • Innovation Process
  • Innovation Portfolio
  • Generating High-Potential Innovation Projects
  • Roadmapping & Disruptive Technologies
  • Innovation Workshops

Success is determined by commitment – yours as well as ours. So before selecting a service, ask yourself, what are your current business priorities? Which project do you have the determination and resources to implement today? Which path can best allow you to reach your goals? If you’re unsure, call us. We can discuss your situation and help you determine what’s right for your business.

You can click on Business Development or Innovation to learn more about our services. Or, contact us, to discuss your specific situation.