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What Our Clients Say

What our clients say

“Our products were mature. Our prices were increasingly under pressure. We knew that we needed to become more innovative, but weren’t really sure where to start. INNOVAND’s innovation audit actively involved our management team and provided us..." more
Managing Director, Industrial Controls Company, Switzerland      

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Innovation Capabilities & Results Audit

Why a reality check can be key to increasing your innovation success rate

We assess your existing innovation management, capabilities and results. In order to improve your performance, you need a clear, objective understanding of the current reality. Think of it as a rigorous examination. Doctors don't operate on patients until they know what's wrong and what they can do to improve the situation. For some reason, companies often undertake innovation initiatives without diagnosing their own unique innovation capabilities, results and requirements. Does that make sense?

What INNOVAND can do:

The INNOVAND Innovation Audit delivers a rapid, customized assessment of your organization’s innovation capabilities and results in the context of your specific industry. What’s working well? What’s not? How good are your results compared to what your organization truly requires? How good are they compared to your key competitors?

Our audit and recommendations encompass the five pillars of an effective innovation system: Output, Process, Methods, Organization, Culture. We involve your key people to ensure that the conclusions reached are well understood and relevant at the working level.

What results can you expect? An evaluation of your organization’s innovation effectiveness including specific recommendations to increase the amount, impact and sustainability of innovation. Together, we also define next steps and priorities.

Next steps

To learn more about our work in this area or discuss your situation, please contact us. Or to read about INNOVAND capabilities in other areas, click the appropriate service.