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What Our Clients Say

About working with INNOVAND Consulting

Clients provide us with tough challenges and trust in our ability to get the job done. We are proud that many have repeatedly worked with INNOVAND over the years. 75% of our work is repeat business. For us, that’s the greatest vote of confidence.

Read clients’ comments regarding business development projects
Read clients’ comments regarding innovation projects

Client Comments Regarding Business Development Projects

We are an international technology leader for high-performance electronic systems. Several years ago, our sales and profits were flat. OEM customers have been increasingly outsourcing production to low-cost countries. With INNOVAND, we decided to try a new approach to business development, parallel to our traditional sales efforts. Together, we targeted new key accounts, developed relationships to top management and identified major new business opportunities. It’s not a quick-fix. It takes time and commitment. But with INNOVAND’s help, we have won vital new key accounts. Our sales and profit growth in recent years have increased to 12% CAGR.
Managing Director, Electronic Systems Company, Germany
I’ve worked with McKinsey, BCG and Roland Berger; they too have smart people. But when it comes to growth initiatives, implementation and getting results, INNOVAND has repeatedly helped us accomplish more.
Managing Director, Medical Supplies Manufacturer, UK
When we first considered working with INNOVAND, we weren’t sure if a small consulting firm had the resources we required. We’ve typically worked with larger firms. But we soon learned that INNOVAND’s people, capabilities and contacts worldwide are top-notch. With their support, we completed more deals in the past 18 months than we did in the prior 3 years.
CEO, Dental Products Company, USA
Before we hired INNOVAND, we had already decided that M&A needed to become a key part of our growth strategy. We supply electronic systems and components to OEM car manufacturers and leading Tier-1 suppliers. Industry consolidation was threatening our market position; aggressive competitors were increasing their market share and influence. Although we had completed acquisitions in the past, we lacked a reliable process. The results of the past five years weren’t satisfactory. Relative to the time and resources we invested, the deals we completed were too few and too small. INNOVAND helped us improve our results as well as our internal process. They worked very effectively with our management team throughout the project. We’ve recently completed one major deal that’s important to our business and are negotiating another one.
Business Development Director, Automotive Systems Supplier, Germany
In the North American market, we are a leading supplier to OEM medical device companies. In spite of our efforts, however, our European business wasn’t growing. That’s why we contacted INNOVAND. They helped us take a hard look at our strategy and identify new options. Together, we developed a plan that meshes acquisitions and alliances with organic growth. INNOVAND did more for us than just provide analysis and recommendations. They identified 12 qualified target companies that fit our search profile, spoke to top management to create interest and supported us in the meetings and negotiations. To date, we’ve completed deals with two of these targets.
CEO, Medical Electronics Company, Canada
INNOVAND helped us regarding our business development efforts. Our pipeline had seven candidates that had shown promising results in studies to date. We wanted to pursue strategic alliances with appropriate pharmaceutical companies. INNOVAND used their contacts and experience to identify the best potential partners and engage the top management in a serious dialogue. As a result, we’ve completed two important deals. Could we have done it without INNOVAND? Maybe. But it probably would have taken more time and resources than we had available.
Managing Director, Biotechnology Company, UK
Our strategy identified the health care market as an important global growth opportunity. In Japan, we had successfully entered this market as a supplier to leading OEM’s. Our efforts to enter the European market had yielded only disappointing results. INNOVAND helped us to identify better opportunities in the European market and develop a more effective business development strategy. Their industry contacts were also helpful. Because of this project, we now have successful strategic alliances with three leading OEM manufacturers.
Executive Director, Electronic Systems Division, Japan
We had decided to expand into a new market segment, with M&A as part of our strategy. Two previous acquisitions, however, had been unsuccessful. INNOVAND helped us identify the underlying problems and significantly strengthen our M&A approach. They not only coached our management team, but also provided active support on key deals.
General Manager, Industrial Electronics Division, UK

Client Comments Regarding Innovation Projects

INNOVAND helped us to restart our ‘innovation engine.’ We had very successful products in the past. In recent years, however, the flow of innovative new products from our labs just wasn’t good enough. INNOVAND helped us to uncover and correct problems in our internal development process.
Managing Director, Machine Tools Manufacturer, Germany
Our products were mature. Our prices were increasingly under pressure. We knew that we needed to become more innovative, but weren’t really sure where to start. I also wasn’t sure, how our managers would respond to an outside consultant. INNOVAND’s innovation audit actively involved our management team and provided us with a clear understanding of our opportunities and problems. They worked well together. We then developed an innovation strategy that better leverages our key technology platforms. In the past two years, we’ve introduced five major new products. Revenue and profit growth has exceeded our forecast
Managing Director, Industrial Controls Company, Switzerland
We hired INNOVAND to help us strengthen our innovation portfolio. Our laboratory was working on many projects. In total, though, we had too many incremental product improvements and no high-impact blockbusters. INNOVAND worked with our management team to determine how our competencies and technologies could be transferred to new applications and market segments. INNOVAND uncovered opportunities we had not previously considered. We eliminated many low-impact projects, have a better balance of near-, medium and long-term projects and have focussed resources on three new high-impact projects – two in our core business and one in a new business area.
General Manager, Surgical Supplies Division, Germany
I’ve been sceptical about consultants in the past – many of them promise more than they deliver. With INNOVAND, it was the opposite. We hired INNOVAND to help us enter a new market segment with patented products that were very successful in our core business. Our objective was to generate more growth from our innovative technology platforms. INNOVAND helped us develop and implement a plan to accomplish this with OEM partners. That got us to market faster and eliminated the need to invest in a new sales organization. In the first two years, our sales results were 24% above forecast.
Vice President, Laboratory Supplies Company, USA
Our patents had expired on key products. We were facing tough competition from Asia and the USA. There were no breakthrough products in our pipeline. We hired INNOVAND to help us develop a technology roadmap and strengthen our innovation pipeline. The roadmapping involved our management team and gave us a clearer view of the trends, opportunities and risks. We recognized that an emerging technology not only threatened our existing business, but also offered us significant sales potential in a new customer segment. As a result, we’ve started two important innovation projects to develop this technology for new products to re-establish our leadership position.
Managing Director, Diagnostic Device Company, Germany
Our core products were facing tough price competition from Asia and Eastern Europe. We needed to re-establish our technology leadership. INNOVAND helped us develop a technology roadmap, identify three high-impact innovation projects and successfully implement lean development practices in our organization.
Business Director, Medical Device Manufacturer, Austria
We have many talented, creative employees in our R&D department, but just weren’t getting the results we needed. Our R&D spending was increasing faster than our revenue, yet we had many delays in important projects and too few high-impact new product launches. INNOVAND helped us to understand and implement lean development. The results to date are encouraging. Our engineers are now spending 20-30% more of their time working directly on product design. Our development teams are spending more time with customers and less time in unproductive internal meetings. In the past 24 months, we launched three major new products on schedule and ahead of our competition.
General Manager, Industrial Electronics Division, UK

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