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Costs & Measures of Success

What Our Clients Say

What our clients say

“INNOVAND did more for us than just provide analysis and recommendations. They identified 12 qualified target companies that fit our search profile, spoke to top management to create interest and supported us in the meetings and negotiations. To date, we’ve completed deals with two of these targets.”
CEO, Medical Electronics Company, Canada     More...

Contact Us

Contact us
INNOVAND Consulting GmbHInnovand
Turnhallenweg 19a
21423 Winsen-Luhe
Germany Innovand
Tel:     +49-4171-782380
e-mail: info@innovand.com

What will it cost? Is it worth it? Can we afford it?

A manager who hires a consultant faces tough questions. What results can we expect? How much will it cost? What is it worth to us? Can we afford it?

Most consultants base their fees on the time they devote to a project. Rates typically range from 1,000 – 5,000 EUR per day. Understandably, clients are concerned about high costs and uncertain outcomes.

INNOVAND is different. We offer our clients options. If the project scope can be clearly defined, we offer a fixed fee. If the results are measurable and can be directly influenced by us, we offer to share the risks and rewards, i.e. a portion of our fee is contingent on the results.

Which option is best for you? How much will your project cost? We will discuss your project and give you clear answers.

We start with the results you want to accomplish. That means, we agree on how to define and measure success from your perspective. Then we determine by which path we can most efficiently reach your goals. If INNOVAND can help you, we develop a project proposal, define the approach and determine the cost and resources required. If we conclude that we are not a suitable partner for your project, we tell you.

What can INNOVAND do for you? To discuss your specific business situation and objectives, please contact us.