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What Our Clients Say

What our clients say

“We have many talented, creative employees in our R&D department, but just weren’t getting the results we needed. Our R&D spending was increasing faster than our revenue, yet we had many delays in important projects and too few high-impact new product launches. INNOVAND helped us to understand and implement lean development. The results to date are ....” more
General Manager, Industrial Electronics Division, UK

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Contact us
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Lean Development

How to accomplish „more“ with „less“

We eliminate waste in product development – with existing resources, you can create more successful products. Lean development is about value, waste and accomplishing „more“ with „less.“ Creating more value for customers. Spending more time on things that matter to customers. Launching more winning products in a shorter period of time. Less internal focus, inefficient meetings and poor decisions. Less reinvention and rework. Less wasted time, effort and resources.

How much waste is in your development? How much more productive could you be? 20%, 35% or more? Many companies don’t know. In development, waste is hard to see. Why? Knowledge is the „product“ of product development and drives value creation. Knowledge is invisible. So how do you focus on value-creation and eliminate waste? How do you truly engage your employees, implement lean development and accomplish measurable results?

What INNOVAND can do:

We help you create more value in product development with your existing resources. Starting with the principles of Lean Thinking, we teach your people the proven practices of lean development and how to effectively implement them. For example, how to define value as perceived by your customers. How to identify warning signs that make waste in development visible: How to deal with “necessary” and “unnecessary” waste. How to use effective change management practices to make lean a part of your company culture.

How do you get started? Let’s discuss what makes sense for your business and define the next steps. For example, how to measure success for your lean development initiative. How to get your management team involved and committed to action. How to choose an effective change agent. How to select an appropriate pilot project and train the team. INNOVAND can get you started and effectively support your implantation of lean development. You decide when, where and how much support you desire.

Next steps

To learn more about our work in this area or discuss your situation, please contact us. Or to read about INNOVAND capabilities in other areas, click the appropriate service.