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What Our Clients Say

What our clients say

“I’ve been sceptical about consultants in the past – many of them promise more than they deliver. With INNOVAND, it was the opposite. We hired INNOVAND to help us enter a new market segment with patented products that were very successful in our core business. Our objective was to generate more growth from..." more
Vice President, Laboratory Supplies Company, USA

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Contact us
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Entering New Market Segments

How to leverage your technology platforms and innovations for dramatic growth

We help you to identify and successfully develop new business areas. In which adjacent market segments are there applications for your innovative products, technologies and services? Which segments best fit your strategy and capabilities? How can you enter new segments while keeping the risks manageable? How have other companies used this approach to significantly increase their returns from investments in innovation?

What INNOVAND can do:

Together with your people, we systematically evaluate existing organizational competencies and identify new business areas and applications. We assess the potential as well as the risks. What does it take to win? What investments are required? What returns can you expect to earn? Together, we prioritize the opportunities and develop a plan.

Effective linkage between your innovation and business development strategies can accelerate your progress into new market segments. Which strategic partners have capabilities, for example in sales, marketing or manufacturing, that supplement your own? How might selected alliances allow you to reach your goals with less risk and expense?

We help you to discover unrealized potential and transfer your core competencies to adjacent market segments. The outcomes are a robust and jointly-developed plan, clear measures of success and agreed responsibilities for implementation. How can you shorten your learning curve and successfully enter a new market with less risk? Ask us how we’ve used INNOVAND’s far-reaching network and business development experience to accomplish that for other clients.

Next steps

To learn more about our work in this area or discuss your situation, please contact us. Or to read about INNOVAND capabilities in other areas, click the appropriate service.