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What Our Clients Say

What our clients say

“We had decided to expand into a new market segment, with M&A as part of our strategy. Two previous acquisitions, however, had been unsuccessful. INNOVAND helped us identify the underlying problems and significantly strengthen our M&A approach. They not only coached our management team, but also provided active support on key deals.”
General Manager, Industrial Electronics Division, UK     More...

“Our core products were facing tough price competition from Asia and Eastern Europe. We needed to re-establish our technology leadership. INNOVAND helped us develop a technology roadmap, identify three high-impact innovation projects and successfully implement lean development practices in our organization.”
Business Director, Medical Device Manufacturer, Austria     More...

“When we first considered working with INNOVAND, we weren’t sure if a small consulting firm had the resources we required. We’ve typically worked with larger firms. But we soon learned that INNOVAND’s people, capabilities and contacts worldwide are top-notch. With their support, we completed more deals in the past 18 months than we did in the prior 3 years.”
CEO, Dental Products Company, USA     More...

“INNOVAND helped us to restart our ‘innovation engine.’ We had very successful products in the past. In recent years, however, the flow of innovative new products from our labs just wasn’t good enough. INNOVAND helped us to uncover and correct problems in our internal development process.”
Managing Director, Machine Tools Manufacturer, Germany     More...

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Results-Driven Innovation & Business Development

Management`s Dilemma: How to accelerate profitable growth without adding resources. Sound familiar? You’re expected to do more with less. You have aggressive goals. Customers are demanding ever more. Competitors are going after your business. You face tough decisions:

  • How do you accelerate growth without sacrificing profitability?
  • How do you penetrate new markets while keeping the risks manageable?
  • How do you keep your latest innovation from becoming your last?
  • How do you make your organic and external growth plans work together?

Maybe we should talk. INNOVAND Consulting works with technology, healthcare and industrial companies determined to accelerate growth and strengthen their market position. We accomplish that by two proven paths:

Growth by Business Development:
Acquisitions, strategic alliances and new key accounts are helping many technology, healthcare and industrial companies dramatically increase revenues and profits. But what about the risks? Many, for example, struggle with M&A: 60-70% of such deals fail. Traditional sales efforts to win new key accounts are also inefficient, often resulting in a win-ratio of less than 1:40. We help our clients make the transition to sustainable, profitable growth practices. Many clients have reduced the time required to complete deals by 30-40% and increased their win-ratio by 20-30%. See how you can increase your win-ratio with new key accounts, strategic partners and acquisitions.

Growth by Innovation:
Breakthrough new products, services and solutions are driving profitable growth for many companies. But how do you make innovation a repeatable process? 50-90% of all new products launched fail to earn a profit. With these “hit-or-miss” results, it’s amazing that companies invest in such projects at all. We help our clients significantly improve their innovation capabilities and success rate by rigorously identifying the root causes of failure, eliminating inefficiency and injecting better methods. Many clients have systematically reduced their time-to-market by 4-9 months and boosted their success rate by over 30%. See how you can win with breakthrough new products, services and solutions.

Ask INNOVAND - specialists for innovation and business development. You benefit from 25+ years of success in accelerating profitable growth. We, the senior partners of INNOVAND Consulting, have been working with technology, healthcare and industrial companies for over twenty-five years to meet the challenges of sustainable, profitable growth – since 1984 as managers in industry, since 2002 as consultants at INNOVAND. We’ve worked with many international market leaders as well as innovative, growing mid-sized companies. We have a solid record of success that proves our approaches work.

Are you someone we can help? Click here to find out. Or read about results we’ve accomplished for our clients and what they say about INNOVAND Consulting.