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About Us

What Our Clients Say

What our clients say

“In the North American market, we are a leading supplier to OEM medical device companies. In spite of our efforts, however, our European business wasn’t growing. That’s why we contacted INNOVAND. They helped us take a hard look at our strategy and identify new options. Together, we developed a plan that meshes acquisitions and alliances with organic growth. INNOVAND did more for us than just provide analysis and recommendations. They identified 12 qualified target companies that fit our search profile, spoke to top management to create interest and supported us in the meetings and negotiations. To date, we’ve completed deals with two of these targets.”
CEO, Medical Electronics Company, Canada     More...

Contact Us

Contact us
INNOVAND Consulting GmbHInnovand
Turnhallenweg 19a
21423 Winsen-Luhe
Germany Innovand
Tel:     +49-4171-782380
e-mail: info@innovand.com

If you’re satisfied with current results,
you don’t need us

What does INNOVAND Consulting do?

  • We work with technology, healthcare and industrial companies determined to accelerate growth and strengthen their market position
  • We focus on implementation and getting measurable results for our clients
  • We are specialists for growth through:  Business Development

How did we become specialists for business development and innovation? We didn’t start out that way. Rather, we went through an intense learning curve. For over 25 years, we, the senior partners of INNOVAND, have been working with technology, healthcare and industrial companies to meet the challenges of sustainable, profitable growth - since 1984 as managers in industry, since 2002 as consultants at INNOVAND.

Tough challenges? We’ve faced many over the years. For example, cut-throat pricing from competitors after key patents expired, the need to rebuild and diversify business following the loss of vital key accounts, complacency in market leaders following years of success, acquisitions and alliances that failed, innovation and business development functions that went flat after a top performer left. We don’t pretend to have a solution for every problem. But frankly, we’ve successfully resolved most challenges that we’ve faced. How do our clients benefit? From each and every project, we’ve continued to learn more ways to drive profitable growth through innovation and business development.

Locations and business mix. We are based in Germany. The location of our clients in recent years has been about 45% Europe and 55% international. Approximately 75% of our annual work is repeat business for existing clients. We work against specific objectives with clearly-defined outcomes and timing, contributing to client business goals.

Selecting a consulting firm can be difficult. Which is the best fit? Whom can you trust? How do you decide? Over the years, managers and business owners have told us reasons why they picked INNOVAND and, on other occasions, why they did not.

Four frequently mentioned reasons to NOT pick INNOVAND:

  • You want a big, well-known consulting firm e,g, for political reasons
  • You require large numbers of consultants with structure and offices worldwide
  • You believe that using internal resources is a cheaper option
  • You are satisfied with your current results

Three frequently mentioned reasons to pick INNOVAND:

  • You want a specialist for innovation and business development
  • You feel confidence in the solution and path we propose to accomplish your goal
  • You want a partner on whom you can rely who:
    – knows your target markets: technology, healthcare, industrial
    – will work effectively with your team
    – will tell you honestly what he can and cannot do
    – shares your commitment to accomplish the agreed results

How do you know if INNOVAND is the right partner for you? Talk to us. The best way to determine what we can do for you is in a personal conversation. Without cost or obligation, we’ll take the time to get to know you and discuss your unique situation.

Straight talk. If we can contribute to a solution, we will summarize the objectives, measures of success, path and cost in a project proposal. If we do not think we are right for the project, we’ll tell you. Based on our conversations and the project proposal, you can decide if the personal fit feels right and the project is worthwhile.

A company is only as good as its people. Next, click here to learn about INNOVAND’s senior partners. Or contact us, to discuss your specific situation and objectives.