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What Our Clients Say

What our clients say

“Our core products were facing tough price competition from Asia and Eastern Europe. We needed to re-establish our technology leadership. INNOVAND helped us develop...” more
Business Director, Medical Device Manufacturer, Austria

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Contact us
INNOVAND Consulting GmbHInnovand
Turnhallenweg 19a
21423 Winsen-Luhe
Germany Innovand
Tel:     +49-4171-782380
e-mail: info@innovand.com

Helping managers & owners drive profitable growth

So who are INNOVAND’s senior partners?

INNOVAND is managed and owned by the founding partners - Carl Stiewe, Wilfried Hofrichter and Rüdiger Hoins – experienced business managers from the USA and Europe. All have successfully worked in and with management at the highest levels. We understand leadership challenges, opportunities and responsibilities from personal experience.

Each client works directly with at least one INNOVAND senior partner – a key difference from other consulting firms. Clients are not left in the hands of rookies or junior consultants. If you looking for fancy presentations or the latest consulting buzz words, look elsewhere. If, however, you seek internationally experienced business managers who have faced difficult challenges similar to yours, give us a call.

To learn more about INNOVAND and how we would approach your project, you can contact us without obligation. For additional information about each of our senior partners, click on the photos below.

Carl Stiewe Wilfried Hofrichter Rüdiger Hoins
Carl Stiewe Wilfried Hofrichter Rüdiger Hoins