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What Our Clients Say

What our clients say

“INNOVAND helped us regarding our business development efforts. Our pipeline had seven candidates that had shown promising results in studies to date. We wanted to..." more
Managing Director, Biotechnology Company, UK     

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Contact us
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Business Development Workshops

How to get all your arrows pointing in the right direction for profitable growth

We help your management team to sharpen its thinking and approaches regarding business development. Some managers have business development as one of many responsibilities. For others, it’s a full-time job and their sole focus. In all cases, the challenge is the same: how do you increase your success-rate? 60-70% of all deals fail to earn a profit. Your company is determined do better. But how?

What INNOVAND can do:

We offer business development workshops to help your company increase its effectiveness in each phase of the business development process from defining a robust external growth strategy to identifying and qualifying attractive target companies to structuring better deals and avoiding dangerous pitfalls during implementation.

INNOVAND business development workshops:

  • Are built around INNOVAND's extensive practical experience and research. Which mistakes do companies frequently make? What are the weaknesses of common approaches? Which alternatives have proven their effectiveness? Using practical examples and involving the participants, we address these and other key issues
  • Use and transfer to participants INNOVAND's tools and techniques for successful business development
  • Can be scaled from two hours to two days and conducted in your facilities or off-site
  • Can be custom-tailored to your industry, company or project team
  • Help your people to develop specific business development initiatives that fit your business strategy and return value to your company

Next steps

To learn more about our work in this area or discuss your situation, please contact us. Or to read about INNOVAND capabilities in other areas, click the appropriate service.